Rent caps and protests: the housing issues to watch out for in 2015

By Hannah Fearn

With unaffordable homes, unrest among young people and a general election, here are the four issues that will dominate the housing headlines this year

For some reason, David Cameron chose the Christmas period – a time when most of us take a break from the real world in favour of lazy afternoons on the sofa – to relaunch his general election campaign. In case you missed it (and who could blame you) Cameron warned that May’s ballot would be “the most important election for a generation”. He also unveiled his party’s campaign poster, which features the slogan “Let’s stay on the road to a stronger economy” in front of an image of a tarmac road running through rolling green countryside.

It took less than five minutes for followers on Twitter to point out that the image featured no housing: a core issue in this year’s battle for the keys to Downing Street. So as we enter the general election year, here are the top things to look out for in the race to win on housing.

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